A Toast to Her // Celebrating Women

Hey there.

Lately, we’ve been inspired by women. And of course, this isn’t doesn’t come as a surprise- after all, we are a brand for “her.”

But there seems to be a palpable change in the air… something we have been feeling for quite some time now. It’s as if the women of the world have been called to rise. It’s inspiring. Invigorating. Captivating.

There is a new spotlight shining on the incredible women doing incredible things. We are the business leaders. The activists. The politicians. The athletes. The designers. The mothers. The sisters. The lovers. We are it all.  

Forget the brand for a second. We as women (Abby and I), want you to know something. We are with you, we stand next to you, and we support you. No matter what it is, send us a message anytime for anything. A conversation. Advice. Complaints. Ideas. We’d like to hear them all.

From one woman to another- we love you.








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