About Kaahani


Small batch, handcrafted goods straight from the hands of global artisans.

 Handicraft markets are tiny little ecosystems tucked into pockets of India. As you enter through the gates and follow the wrinkled cobblestone walkway to the open pavilion, scents of natural dyed fabric and freshly ground spices fill the open air. Small huts line the walkway and the senses explode with the sight of bright colors, ornate textures, and smells of powerful fragrances. A craftsman leans back on his chair with his feet propped on a stool, simply at ease behind his life’s work of hand painted canvases. Covered in intricate lines and vibrant pigments, the paintings lay stacked within the booth.

He is the original innovator, artist, and entrepreneur of today. He is our Kaahani.

Here at Kaahani, we pride ourselves in providing small batch goods, meaning that we only carry a handful of each style. This way, each product is one-of-a-kind and specially made for you. The artisans who create your products bring you authentic, wearable stories from India and gorgeous, fashionable pieces that will complete your wardrobe.