The Making Of // Why We Do What We Do

What drew you to the fashion industry?

Abby: The idea of expression and visually showing others who you are and what you represent through the clothing. The accessories you show your style with drew me in to figure out what other ways can fashion be expressive. 

Navya: There is such a power in what we wear. Like Abby said, it's such an expressive way to portray who you are, but it's also a visual storybook of the culture and society we live in. It's this beautiful, powerful world that tells the story of mankind. 

Why did you choose to invest into Kaahani?

Abby: Navya had come up to me and sold me on the dream of building Kaahani. I saw the rising success and growth of Kaahani first hand after she asked me to partner with her. I chose to invest in the dream and within weeks of planning, it became my goal to make it a commitment during my last years of college. I can definitely say it has been challenging but I love every minute of it.

Navya: Like I said before, there's such a powerful story of humanity in fashion. I grew up going to textile markets with my grandmother in India, and I witnessed these artisans work so hard and so meticulously at their craft that they have perfected over decades. It didn't make sense to me that their story only spread as far as the market, the city, or the country they were in. I was inspired to share their craft with the rest of the world.

Why is it important for people to shop from socially conscious businesses?

Abby: I believe that consumers are slowly investing their time and money in efforts to reorganize their closets and their mindset in shopping consciously and making a bigger impact in their lives and the environment they’re surrounded in. I think the concept of shopping needs to change and it starts with companies like Kaahani who provide a guide to the right direction of conscious shopping.

Navya: As I learned more and more about the sustainable and ethical shortcomings of the fashion industry, it made less sense. It seems like a win-win to sustain livelihoods through commerce, and I still have a hard time grasping why "ethical" practices aren't an industry standard. It's so easy to forget the repurcussions of your purchases when you're in an expensive, air conditioned store. It certainly takes commitment and practice to shop consciously, and it's a work in progress for all of us. 

How would you describe the average customer for Kaahani?

Abby: Smart, independent, witty, and one hell of a fashion sense.

Navya: Quirky. Flawed. Beautiful. Every woman.

What inspires you?

Abby: Always learning. Being educated about the world and the industry we work in inspires me to constantly be curious on what is coming next.

Family, friends, and self-love are the things that constantly keep me motivated in reaching growth and finding my own version of success.

Navya: Abby! 










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